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Meet our new scientific advisors

We are very excited to announce that Joanna Neill, Professor of Psychopharmacology at the University of Manchester, and Dr Mike Emanuel, former vice president of global clinical operations for EMEA at Johnson & Johnson, are joining our Scientific Advisory Board. As a members of our Board, they will be in esteemed company alongside some of the world’s leading psychedelic and psychiatric researchers, and drug development specialists. Read on to learn about the experience and expertise both Joanna and Mike will bring to our business below.

Meet Joanna

Jo is Professor of Psychopharmacology at the University of Manchester (Division of Pharmacy & Optometry). She is Chair of the Medical Psychedelics Working Group for Drug Science, a scientific advisor for Heroic Hearts UK and the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group. She is co-founder of b-neuro, a University based Contract Research Organisation developing new treatments for mental illness through animal models.

Jo is past President of the British Association for Psychopharmacology (President 2016-2018). She served on the Research Excellence Framework panel for Unit of Assessment 3 (Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy) in 2014. Jo is also working with Policy at Manchester to educate the public about the urgent need for drug law reform and suspension of Schedule 1 restrictions to enable research into the medicinal properties of currently illegal drugs. 

Meet Mike

Mike brings extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry including a long career at Johnson & Johnson, where he was vice president of global clinical operations for EMEA, leading a team of over 400 clinical research professionals operating in 27 countries. He played a major role in creating the mission and organisational and operational design for the globalisation of the company's clinical operations and headed the group's core operating team, focusing on operational strategy and implementation across the regions worldwide. 

While at Johnson & Johnson he served as a board member of Janssen-Cilag International, holding legal responsibility for sponsor obligations following the implementation of the European Clinical Trials Directive. Mike was also an associate director of the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN), responsible for the development of relationships with the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr Steve Wooding, Beckley Psytech’s Chief Scientific Officer, former head of global commercial strategy and market access at Janssen, shares his thoughts on the task facing our scientific advisors:

"Developing effective and safe drugs to treat debilitating diseases is a complex, lengthy and time consuming process. Having access to a great group of experienced scientific advisers provides the Beckley Psytech team with deep insights across all the phases of our developments."

“In any development, difficult choices have to be made and our adviser team helps us to ask the right questions and then work with us to give us the best chance of answering them effectively. Working with true experts is always a privilege and their input plays a key part in helping us to reach our common goal of making a real difference for patients."

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