We are developing novel digital companions to provide patients with support throughout the treatment journey, from preparing for treatment to maintaining improvements longer term.

Our team of clinicians, psychotherapists, product designers, data scientists and software engineers are working together to develop novel digital companions that will support patients throughout their treatment journeys

A key part of this is our efforts to develop novel digital biomarkers capable of predicting response and relapse. In building and validating models utilising cutting-edge machine learning technologies, we hope to improve patient outcomes by identifying patients likely to respond to treatment, and helping these responders maintain improvements post treatment.

The combination of innovative digital tools with psychedelic compounds and psychedelic-assisted psychological support will deliver a holistic and differentiated solution to improving patient outcomes in difficult-to-treat medical conditions.


Measuring and predicting response

We will be better able to identify patients most likely to respond to treatment and monitor their progress over time


Measuring and predicting relapse

It will be critical to help patients who achieve response maintain improvements. We believe relapse prediction will help clinical teams effectively plan follow-on interventions.


Augmenting providers

Provider capacity is limited and can be augmented with digital tools that help them provide supplementary support to patients outside of appointments.


Enhancing patient experience

Our digital companion aims to help patients feel informed, safe and confident in their treatment plans outside of treatment sessions.