Psychedelic-assisted psychological support is a therapy model that incorporates the powerful experience of a psychedelic compound with a psychotherapeutic approach. We believe this combination may work synergistically to create a psychotherapeutic paradigm that improves clinical symptoms and promotes lasting positive change.

Through our partnerships with leading psychiatrists and researchers in this field, we are exploring and expanding our understanding of how we can enhance the neurophysiological impact psychedelics have on the brain.

By taking advantage of the psychedelic compounds' ability to create a ‘window of neuroplasticity’, we believe psychedelic-assisted psychological support could help optimise treatment and deliver meaningful change to people suffering from severe mental health disorders

Therapy Training Programme

In addition to our research, we are also committed to further developing the ecosystem to support the paradigm shift in how society treats and manages mental health.

Beckley Psytech has a strategic partnership with Fluence to develop training programmes in psychedelic-assisted psychological support and integration sessions for psychedelic therapists. 

Fluence is a leader in its field when it comes to psychedelic-assisted medical training. The specific psychotherapy programme, and the compound specific training materials to deliver it, will be essential steps in delivering psychedelic medicines with confidence.

More about our training programme